The Logo

Sydney FC’s Creative Director, Amos Hong was given the task of designing the event logo for the FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup 2022. Here’s what he had to say about the creative process and the different elements of the logo.

“The centrepiece for the logo is the football. This signifies the reason why everyone is coming together for this event,” he explained.

“The shapes that surround the football are to show visually the speed and movement of the Powerchair. This is to convey the pace and movement of the game.

“The Opera House, as an iconic Sydney landmark, is incorporated into the logo and the sun above it combines to celebrate the body and head of a Powerchair player.

“The colours are to symbolize the vibrancy of Sydney and also the multiculturalism that makes Sydney the city that it is.

“The sky blue colour that is synonymous with Sydney/NSW sporting teams was included in the title for the words “World Cup 2022”.”